comfortable and enjoyable beyond your expectation






all new

  • length 4575 mm
  • width 1750 mm
  • hight 1525 mm
  • wheelbase 2610 mm

Fashion design Dynamic Enjoyment

Excellent from inside out, the dynamic enjoyment is beyond what you expect


  1. · Follow the family design concept to create
  2. a good-looking appearance.
  3. · Hawkeye LED headlights, cool temperament,
  4. illuminating the road ahead.
  5. · Interior microfiber leather is over 45%, showing
  6. the exquisite craftsmanship.

Comfortable driving Fun and enjoyable

Comfortable driving, fun and enjoyment are beyond what you expect.


  1. · BlueCore 1.6L GDI VVT engine, outstanding power.
  2. · Chassis tuned in the USA, full of confidence.
  3. · TRW EPS (Electronic power steering) makes it easier to drive.

Advanced Technology Intelligent Ride.

Advanced technology, the intelligent

ride is beyond what you expect


  1. · Floating 10.25-inch LCD screen for intelligent
  2. interaction and smooth operation.
  3. · inCall 3.0 intelligent interconnect system, start your smart life.
  4. · Smart ECU with 3.5" MONO central LCD display.
  5. · Multiple intelligent lights control with design to
  6. care for your needs.

Solid security Enjoy your journey

Solid security, the safe journey is beyond what you expect


  1. · Fully equipped with 6 airbags for warp-around protection.
  2. · HEEAB high stiffness steel energy absorbing body design.
  3. · BOSCH ESP (electronic stability program), compatible with ABS, TCS, HHC.

Wide space

unlimited enjoyment

Ingenious design, makes the

ride more enjoyable than you expect


  1. · Intelligent ventilation to reduce odor.
  2. · 26 variable storage spaces, more reasonable and practical.
  3. · Excellent NVH design, enjoy the tranquility all the way.
  4. · Advanced VOC odor treatment technology, revitalizing the air
  5. inside the car, fresh all the way.



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