• length 4390 mm
  • width 1725 mm
  • hight 1490 mm
  • wheelbase 2535 mm

New Appearance Touching your heart

Excellent interpretation of contemporary design aesthetics awakening your senses


  1. · Streamlined body design, dynamic and decent
  2. · Lenticular headlights, bright as the torch shines
  3. · LED daytime running lights, unique and eye-catching
  4. · Exquisite interior design, outstanding taste and extraordinary feeling

Superior power Saving fuel

Equipped with an energy-efficient engine powerful and impeccable


  1. · High-efficient engine, stable and reliable.
  2. · WDCT(Wet Dual Clutch Transmission), smooth and steady.
  3. · With STT intelligent fuel-saving system, reduce exhaust
  4. emissions and fuel consumption effectively.
  5. · Excellent chassis tuning, pleasant driving experience.

Smart driving At your fingertips

Innovative technology that keeps pace with the times intelligent life is thus started


  1. · Cruise control system for an easy journey
  2. · InCall intelligent interconnect system to increase driving pleasure.
  3. · Baidu CarLife phone interconnect function, connecting the wonderful world.

Intimate and safe Enjoy driving

All-around safety guardian enjoying the pleasure of driving


  1. · Intelligent tire pressure monitoring, always knowing the driving situation.
  2. · Hill Hold Control, makes it easier to start and park uphill.
  3. · Reversing camera system, no more worries for reversing.

Outstanding quality Enjoy peace of mind

Strict with quality let you enjoy your driving experience with peace of mind


  1. · Well-known suppliers, guarantee of product quality.
  2. · Comprehensive test verification system to ensure quality with no flaws.
  3. · Air conditioning automatic ventilation function, fresh and pleasant.
  4. · Exterior rearview mirror heating function, heartwarming care, clear your vision.



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